Science Laboratory, SRA: Life, Earth, Physical

Grade Levels: 3-12

Three SRA Science Laboratories provide a change of pace within your middle school science curriculum.

The SRA Science Laboratory gears science for middle school students with engaging images and content, a self-paced format, and includes middle school science activities. Students learn and retain core science vocabulary and ideas by working independently at their own reading levels with science content area readings. Students build confidence and increase science reading comprehension by practicing with test questions that are modeled after science standardized tests.

About the Program

The Life, Earth, and Physical Science Laboratories teach your students science with the same leveled instructional methods of the SRA Reading Laboratory!

  • Science topics are aligned to state and national standards
  • Each SRA Science Laboratory contains 180 Science Activity Cards covering key science concepts and vocabulary at two different reading levels
  • Easily supplements other science programs

SRA Science Laboratory contains two reading levels of Science Activity Cards - the "A" cards, which are below grade level, and the "B" cards, which are at grade level. The same core science content and highlighted vocabulary are presented at each reading level. The reading selections and skill exercises are designed to help students master science content in the areas of Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science.

With the SRA Science Laboratory, you can meet the needs of individual learners with one classroom package that:

  • Enables students with varying reading abilities to acquire specific science concepts through differentiated instruction
  • Diagnoses each student's level of comprehension
  • Provides writing activities and vocabulary computer games that help motivate students, while also reinforcing potentially difficult science vocabulary
  • Charts each student's progress

By offering self-paced learning, students are able to:

  • Manage their own time
  • Work independently
  • Correct their own work
  • Monitor their own progress

Assessment is incorporated throughout the program in the form of:

  • Pretests that will identify the level of comprehension of science content and related vocabulary words. The results of the pretest help assign students to the level at which they should begin
  • Posttests that assess students' progress

SRA Science Laboratory includes:

  • 180 Science Cards in each SRA Science Laboratory (each topic contains two cards, written at two different reading levels).
  • 180 Answer Key Cards (1 for every Science Card)
  • Student Record Books (5)
  • Teacher's Handbook
  • Classroom Resource CD-ROM

The comprehensive Teacher's Handbook includes:

  • Pretests and posttests for diagnostics and assessment
  • Outline of vocabulary and topics
  • Classroom routine suggestions
  • Hands-on labs for inquiry options
  • Electronic or paper tests to meet your classroom needs

The Classroom Resource CD-ROM provides:

  • Pretests and posttests automatically scored by the computer
  • Assigns appropriate cards based on each student's pretest results
  • Motivating science vocabulary games
  • Classroom management and tracking tools
  • Writing strategies in science

Program Components

  • Earth Science Laboratory Teacher's Handbook
    Earth Science Laboratory Teacher's Handbook
  • Life Science Laboratory Teacher's Handbook
    Life Science Laboratory Teacher's Handbook
  • Science Lab - Teacher's Handbook, Grade 3
    Science Lab - Teacher's Handbook, Grade 3
  • Science Lab - Student Record Book (Package of 5), Grades 3-5
    Science Lab - Student Record Book (Package of 5), Grades 3-5
  • Science Labs: Life, Earth, & Physical - Student Record Book (5 pack)
    Science Labs: Life, Earth, & Physical - Student Record Book (5 pack)
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