Distance Learning and StudySync

Distance Learning. Anytime, Anywhere.​

This year has asked us all to evolve in ways we could never have imagined, but McGraw Hill is honored to be there with you every step of the way as you meet these challenges head on.

Check out an all-new Online Learning Series from StudySync program author and blended learning expert, Dr. Catlin Tucker. In less than 10 minutes, you'll find strategies you can implement in your classroom immediately.

Get to know StudySync—a comprehensive 6–12 ELA curriculum that evolves with the changing needs of you and your students. Accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device—even offline.

Sign up to learn more about how StudySync can help you deliver strong, consistent, engaging ELA instruction no matter what your classroom looks like—today and tomorrow.​

The StudySync Online Learning Series with Dr. Catlin Tucker

Join Dr. Catlin Tucker, StudySync program author and blended learning expert, for this all-new online learning series focused on helping teachers successfully transition from traditional in-person instruction to remote and hybrid teaching models. Each video is less than 4 minutes and will provide strategies that can be implemented immediately, no matter what curriculum you use.

Session 1: Online Instruction – WATCH NOW​

This episode focuses on Online Instruction including techniques for both Asynchronus video recordings and Synchronus video conferencing sessions.

Session 2: Facilitating Discussions Online – WATCH NOW​

This episode will highlight the teacher’s role as facilitator of online discourse.​

Session 3: Designing an Online Course – WATCH NOW

This episode focuses on the teacher’s role as the designer of an online course.​

StudySync: Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device—Even Offline

With StudySync, you’ll feel confident that you can deliver strong, consistent, engaging ELA instruction no matter what your classroom looks like today, tomorrow, and beyond.​

  • Easy for teachers and students to fully utilize the platform at school or at home—even offline​
  • Quickly assess and address student learning gaps​
  • Create and maintain meaningful connection with students in any learning environment
  • Deliver equitable content to all students both in class and online​
  • Easy for parents and guardians to support student learning at home​

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