Effective Instruction to Meet the Needs of All Learners

To develop McGraw-Hill My Math, we worked with world-class researchers, academics, and education practitioners to build a strong authorship team. Together, we designed, developed, and validated instructional models based on current scholarship and research to support effective teaching and learning.

Success Stories

Effective instruction to meet the needs of all learners

With over three million students and teachers, McGraw-Hill My Math has a vast and growing number of users who have experienced success in the classroom and now recommend this PreK–5 mathematics program. Read what people in the educational community have to say:

Independence Primary School

Powdersville Elementary School

Hathaway High School

Paradise Valley Unified School District

Janesville School District

Minot Public School

Pleasant Hill Elementary School

Success Around the U.S.

76% of McGraw-Hill My Math users agree that the program provides the instruction and practice needed for students to meet the requirements of the standards.

(Compared to only 57% of core competition users)

Made with the End in Mind

McGraw-Hill My Math and Glencoe Math were created by the PreK-8 authorship team using Understanding by Design® an instructional design approach to learning that identifies the desired outcome first and then tailors learning strategies to meet the identified objective. This framework is the perfect foundation for the Standards, resulting in a curriculum that provides conceptual understanding, key areas of focus and connection to prior concepts and skills.

Jay McTighe, author of Understanding by Design discusses his philosophy.

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McGraw-Hill is a recognized leader in developing classroom materials based on a foundation of research, and McGraw-Hill My Math continues this tradition through its implementation of Understanding by Design. To learn more about how McGraw-Hill My Math provides support for all learners, read the white papers that present the facts.

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