Getting Started with Everyday Mathematics

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Implementation Materials

Everyday Mathematics 4® is the only research-based program that can be implemented in a fully digital format, fully in print, or in a print-digital hybrid format—whichever fits your classroom. The digital resources in Everyday Mathematics 4 adapt to fit your needs and those of your students.

When you adopt Everyday Mathematics, full access to both print and digital resources is included and you have the full support of our best-in-class professional development team to back you up.

"Everyday Mathematics offers clear-cut guidance for teachers, whether you’re a first-year teacher or have 20 years of experience."

Emily M., 5th Grade Math Teacher, Clark County, NV

Pacing Guide

Get the suggested pacing to help ensure in-depth coverage of all Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in grades K–6 in a total of 170 instructional days for reach grade. This pacing is designed for flexibility and depth. It also gives you time to go deep, to create a classroom culture that values and supports productive struggle. Creating such a classroom culture takes time, but it’s what the Common Core asks you to do in its Standards for Mathematical Practice—and the pacing of Everyday Mathematics 4 is designed to give you the time you’ll need.

"We’re extremely happy that Everyday Mathematics 4 now has a line to the Common Core. It provides a much clearer pathway for teachers and students to do the lesson components, in terms of how concepts are introduced."

Susan Z., Assistant Superintendent, Champaign, IL

Data Dashboard

Data Dashboard for Everyday Mathematics draws on performance data from student assessment and activities. This responsive reporting tool for educators can personalize your instruction without adding time to your already full workday. Organizing student data into five interactive, actionable reports: Recommendations, Activity, Skills, Progress, and Grade Card, the Data Dashboard:

  • Tracks progress in key skills and content standards.
  • Enables immediate, leveled re-teaching and targeted assignments.
  • Groups students automatically and recommends differentiation options.
  • Reports delivered at the individual, class, and district levels.

Take control of your data and drive your instruction to meet the needs of each student!