Our Google Integrations​

As a Google for Education Partner, we believe educational technology should be seamless to use and as impactful as possible. That's why we continue to create meaningful integrations between our digital experience and the technologies chosen by educators.

Locate your program in this list to determine your learning environment as the Google integration works differently for each one. Then review the resources for each learning environment below. For StudySync users, view these resources for the StudySync Google Classroom Integration.

See our Google Classroom Resources Page for additional information including FAQs.

Open Learning Platform


Get Started

How to Pair your McGraw Hill Account with your Google Account

Share Assignments to Google Classroom​

You can seamlessly share assignments to ​Google Classroom from McGraw Hill programs ​on Open Learning.​

Share Assignments to Google Classroom (PDF)

Share Resources from Google Drive​

Every program available on​ Open Learning allows you to ​provide external resources from ​Google Drive as assignments, class content, ​or to be added to the pre-built presentations.​

Add Google Drive Files to McGraw Hill Assignments​



Share Resources to Google Classroom​

You can seamlessly share resources to ​Google Classroom from McGraw Hill programs ​on Open Learning.​

Share Resources to Google Classroom (PDF)

​Learn which resources within each program are shareable:​

User Data Access​

When using Google drive files, we store links to the Drive files selected by the user but do not access or store any of the file contents. Only files explicitly selected by instructors or students are used. Users can link and unlink a Google account to/from their McGraw Hill account at any time. For more information, you can read more about our privacy policy. ​