Professional Development for Everyday Mathematics

Announcing the 2020 Everyday Mathematics Professional Learning Conference, June 24-26

Come spend three days interacting with fellow educators and engaging in professional sessions facilitated by UChicago STEM Education staff and Everyday Mathematics authors. The 3-day experience will include engaging sessions on teaching and learning mathematics and keynote addresses from Andy Isaacs, author and director of Everyday Mathematics and Gina Kling, fact fluency expert. Cost includes all sessions, continental breakfast and lunch on all conference days. Register for this conference.

Resources for Everyday Mathematics


Each summer, McGraw-Hill sponsors an Everyday Mathematics Conference where hundreds of educators from all over the world come together to learn how to transform math education in their classrooms. These events are unique opportunities to receive training directly from the authors of Everyday Mathematics while meeting and learning from their peers. Attendees receive PD credit and a certificate.

Workshops & Webinars

To help you get Everyday Mathematics up and running and to provide ongoing support, McGraw-Hill employs a cadre of consultants and trainers, all of whom are required to have taught Everyday Mathematics for at least two years. Implementation training is provided at no charge as part of the program purchase in most adoptions.

Perseverance in the K–6 Math Classroom

Introducing the right level of desired difficulty into the K–6 learning environment can encourage productive struggle while garnering deeper levels of understanding. Dr. Raj Shah demonstrates the 4 key steps to building intrigue and curiosity through incremental challenge.