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Understanding Economics ©2016

The new Understanding Economics has updated chapter content that engages students with hands–on projects and interactive online resources not found in previous MHE economics programs. The NetworksTM fully integrated digital and print social studies curriculum is grounded in solid pedagogy and strong authorship, and includes a full suite of thoughtfully designed teaching and learning tools.

Understanding Economics builds practical, real–world understanding and gives students what they need to learn and interact with both theoretical and applied economics, as well as build a strong foundation of personal financial literacy.

The program's thoughtful design ensures students have what they need to build analytical skills and an economic vocabulary through well–written narrative, essential questions, fine–tuned assessment, and fresh, real–world examples throughout.

Program Highlights

  • The Understanding by Design pedagogical approach allows students to focus on the big ideas with accessible text built to use essential questions and inquiry.

  • Maximize lesson comprehension with the Reading Help–Desk which helps students build an economic vocabulary, enhance reading strategies, improve note–taking skills, and better utilize graphic organizers. Get additional material online with the Guided Notes tool, as well as additional reading levels for the student text.

  • Enrich instruction with up–to–date charts, graphs, and infographics for a deeper understanding of abstract concepts.

  • New, eye–catching Economic Perspective chapter opener feature brings economics to students with real–world concepts.

  • Cultivate critical thinking and analytical skills with the Debates feature.

  • Focus on relevant, real–world topics with Case Studies as well as Global Economy and You features.

  • Learn more about economic skills and employment options with the Careers feature.

  • Customize the learning experience for differentiated instruction using leveled reading,customizable assessments and worksheets, and flexible online learning tools.