New York Math

McGraw-Hill Education customized our Middle School Math program for New York to meet every New York State Standard addressed in your Scope and Sequence. The New York Math program empowers you to teach Common Core math, engage every student, and develop a classroom of critical thinkers.


Rigor is built-in and supported throughout the program. The three components of rigor — conceptual understanding, application, and procedural fluency — are embedded in resources, lessons, and practice Common Core assessments.


Making math real for students. Digital planning tools and interactive resources are available online through the power of ConnectED, an easy-to-use assignment and assessment platform.


Meeting students wherever they are in their learning. Assessments help you determine proficiency before, during, and after lessons. Differentiated instruction resources ensure approaching-level students master concepts before moving on, while beyond-level students are continually challenged.

Program Overview

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Program Overview
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