Implementation of our PreK-12 Music Curricula

Music Studio

1 Platform. 3 Programs. Infinite Possibilities.

Getting Started with Music Studio

Features Across All Music Studio Programs

The three programs within Music Studio all share certain features.

Ready Made Presentations

Each lesson within a Music Studio program centers around the lesson presentation slides. Whether you use the Planning Wizard or search for a lesson using the online Table of Contents, you can easily launch the pre-made presentations, or customize a presentation with your own content to meet both student and teacher needs. The slides are infused with interactivity, engaging images, and assessments to help you keep the energy high and the learning fun.

You can easily customize the presentations as well:

  • Rearrange presentation slides
  • Add your own content
  • Hide content from the pre-made lessons
  • Plan multiple lessons per class/day to hit the concepts and skills you need


The Online Assessment Engine gives you the tools to design, build, and assign assessments which are graded and reported on immediately. You can also easily conduct formal and informal assessments using:

  • Presentation slides
  • End of Unit and Mid-Unit Assessments
  • Worksheets from the Resource Masters eBooks
  • Quizzes built with the Online Assessment Engine.

Streaming Audio and Video Library

You can move that VCR and DVD set up into the hallway for more room. Music Studio has you covered with streaming selections that won’t take up space in your room or on your device.

Class Management Tools

With Music Studio you can easily important students into classes, manage assignments, and review work. Use the Gradebook to get the most out of the management tools.