Pedagogy and Features for
Our 6–12 Music Curriculum

Pedagogy for Voices in Concert

Multi-Level Approach

Voices in Concert helps students build sight-singing and musicianship skills through a sequenced, leveled approach. The program matches each course on choral literature with a sight-singing course, making it the most comprehensive program available. It puts extensive choral literature, in-depth student instruction, and comprehensive teacher resources and recordings at your fingertips.

Curriculum Built on Trusted Techniques

The Sight-Singing courses within Voices in Concert use trusted techniques to develop students’ inner ears and build confidence:

  • combinable lines
  • solfège choral exercises, and
  • rhythm exercises

Features and Tools for Voices in Concert

iOctavo: The Interactive Octavo

The Interactive Octavo (iOctavo) gives you complete control over the music you share with your students. Using this interface, you can change the tempo, jump to a new section, and isolate voicings or the accompaniment.

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Print and Digital Choral Music Library

Now the most impressive library available lives online and on your bookshelf. The Voices in Concert program is complemented by the Choral Music and Sight-Singing books. Bring your favorite pieces from across the program to your students with easy-to-read notation and lyrics at every level.

With the printed Choral Music and Sight-Singing books, you can make music without a device in sight. With the ConnectED App you can download the entire Choral Repertoire and Sight-Singing material for any level in your account. This gives you access to not only the eBook version of the songs, but also to embedded demo and accompaniment recordings for every song. Once downloaded to your device, this content becomes available to you without an internet connection.

Students can also effectively practice outside of the rehearsal room. The student experience ties the presentation slides and student narrative together. By logging in through ConnectED, students have access to the lessons and resources – including the iOctavos and recordings.

Student Features

  • Online Student Center
  • Choral Music and Sight-Singing books
  • Resources Page
  • Streaming Audio and Video Libraries
  • Interactive Octavos, Virtual Instruments
  • Presentation Slides

Teacher Features

  • Online Teacher Center
  • Resources Page
  • Streaming Audio and Video Libraries
  • Choral Music and Sight-Singing eBooks
  • Piano Accompaniments
  • Interactive Octavos, Virtual Instruments
  • Presentation Slides
  • Online Assessment Tools
  • Planning Wizard
  • Class Management Tools
  • Standards Correlations

Teaching Command Center

Use the Lesson Planning Wizard to

  • Populate your Homepage with lessons (across all courses!)
  • Quickly launch any lesson you’ve planned to teach
  • Easily launch key resources
  • Print any lesson plan

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