Partnering With NWEA to Improve Early Reading Outcomes

Grades Pre-K–5

Innovative Reading Assessment Meets ​Evidence-Based Reading Curriculum

As part of a new strategic partnership, we are now an exclusive reseller of the MAP® Reading Fluency™ assessment from NWEA.

Combining this innovative reading assessment with our own evidence-based reading curriculum, SRA Reading Mastery®, helps ensure every student builds a strong foundation in reading by:

  • Assessing early readers in just 20 minutes with the online, adaptive, benchmark assessment.
  • Providing explicit instruction using a proven, evidence-based reading intervention.
  • Monitoring student progress using brief assessments with automated speech scoring technology.
  • Ensuring equitable student outcomes by using data to differentiate and scaffold instruction.
  • Supporting MTSS and RTI by giving teachers data to identify struggling students, the skills they haven’t mastered, and how to intervene with targeted instruction.
  • Measuring oral reading fluency, comprehension, and foundational skills to provide a more complete picture of early literacy.
  • Screening K–3 students for possible risk factors for dyslexia or other reading difficulties.

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Learn More About SRA Reading Mastery

For over 35 years, Reading Mastery has been a successful reading intervention program helping a wide range of students, including significantly at-risk populations. Learn more about SRA Reading Mastery now.