The Art of Teaching:
Sharing Educator Stories

In a continually changing landscape, teachers endure by adapting, improving, and overcoming challenges. Guided by research, data, experience, and passion, they seek to mold and inspire future generations. It is this blend—the art of teaching coupled with the science of learning—that we seek to encourage, foster, and celebrate.

Read Real Stories

Discover the stories of educators across the country in the Art of Teaching project. In this guest blog, real PreK–12 educators—like those below—discuss their classroom successes, failures, fears, goals, and strategies as they endeavor to shape their students' lives.

You can join the ranks of inspiring teachers by sharing your own story.

Errica Dotson-Hooper
Manager of the Teaching and Learning Center, HCDE

"While the idea of distance learning may be a daunting one, this crisis provides an opportunity to reimagine the possibilities around student-facilitated and project-based learning opportunities."

Dr. Gerald Paterson
Principal, New Jersey

"Teamwork is something that needs to be cultivated and sustained throughout the school year… It also needs to appear on many levels and staff need to be positive and open to learning and teaching in a different format."

Marine Freibrun
5th Grade Teacher, CA

"Integrating English Language Development (ELD) strategies throughout the school day is an essential component in supporting our English Learners in their acquisition of new academic skills, as well as the English language."