Learning Science at McGraw-Hill Education

At McGraw-Hill Education, we believe that by harnessing technology and applying what we know about learning science, we can enhance learning and create powerful personalized learning experiences. We can play an integral role, alongside educators, schools, universities and wide range of educational institutions, in helping people learn better and achieve more.

What is Learning Science?

To us, learning science brings together educational research, instructional methods, implementation tools and data analytics to drive an ecosystem of continuous improvement. Our approach involves studying the learning process, developing methods to make it more effective and building tools to directly support students and educators both in and out of the classroom.

Our approach to Learning Science focuses on four primary pillars:

Proven Content and Pedagogy

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Each of our solutions draws upon our deep expertise of developing pedagogically sound instructional content, which we continually develop, refine and deliver through the most effective and impactful learning systems.

Adaptive Technology

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The algorithms that power our adaptive learning technology ensure each student is delivered the most appropriate content for each moment, personalizing the learning experience and helping each student achieve skill mastery as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Data and Insights

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Our data and insights, provided by our adaptive learning solutions, harness the power of “small data” to provide highly actionable insights – for the instructor, the student and the institution – within the highest standards for data privacy.

An Open Ed-Tech Ecosystem

Open Ed-Tech Ecosystem

Our support for an open ed-tech ecosystem stems from our belief that all technology should integrate seamlessly – regardless of who developed it – to provide a robust, connected learning environment for students and educators.

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