My Math Product Shot

Made For You

Customizable to fit your teaching style, McGraw-Hill My Math challenges and engages your students as they build their skills to communicate mathematically.

McGraw-Hill My Math can also be used with Redbird Mathematics, providing a personalized learning solution to accelerate student achievement.

McGraw-Hill My Math Data Dashboard

Transforms data from insights into action.

Drawing on performance data from student assessments and activities, the McGraw-Hill My Math Data Dashboard:

  • Enables immediate, leveled re-teaching and targeted assignments.
  • Groups students automatically and recommends differentiated activities.
  • Reports results at the individual, class, and district levels.
  • Tracks progress in content standards.

The McGraw-Hill My Math Data Dashboard organizes student data into five interactive, actionable reports: Activity, Grade Card, Progress, Recommendations, and Skills Reports.

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