PreK-12 Solutions Powered by Learning Science

PreK–12 Solutions Powered by Learning Science

We're here to help you find programs and content that honor the art of teaching and empower you to reach students in new ways.

What's Happening in PreK–12 Education?

Art of Teaching

Back-to-School Behind the Scenes

The return to the classroom is an exciting time at McGraw-Hill. Go behind the scenes with one of our back-to-school all stars.

Student Writing

Register for Dyslexia Webinar - October 2nd

Participate in a webinar by Dr. Jan Hasbrouck and understand what Dyslexia is and what instruction is helpful based on research best practices.

Learning Science 101 Chapter 2 - Spaced Practice

Learning Science 101: Spaced Practice

Learning Science helps us align instruction to cognitive functioning. In this animation, we take a look at memory and studying.

high school student

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