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What's Happening in PreK–12 Education?

We're In This Together

A superhero isn't always someone who has powers and wears a cape. A true hero is just an ordinary person who does extraordinary things. And when we unite to use learning, knowledge, and skills for the power of good, we are able achieve extraordinary things, together.

The Science Classroom: A Fertile Ground for Diversity

The science classroom has always been fertile ground. A place rooted in growth, a place to take a chance and give it a try. A space that empowers students to ask questions, that gives them the tools to be brave, and entangles them in new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Creating a Seamless Technology Experience with Google Classroom Integration

As a Google for Education Partner, we believe educational technology should be seamless to use and as impactful as possible. That is why we continue to create meaningful integrations between our digital experience and the technologies chosen by educators, to help every teacher become even more effective, and every student more actively engaged as a learner.