Grades K–5

Online Professional Development and Implementation Support

Wonders Professional Development

We can all benefit from professional development. Whether you are a first-year teacher or a Wonders veteran, an instructional specialist or an administrator, the Wonders online professional development resources provide self-paced, on-demand, 24/7 support for your successful implementation.

Wonders PD is accessible from your digital Teacher Workspace and comes packed with helpful guides and resources such as:

  • Interactive eLearning Modules
  • Model classroom instruction videos
  • Author and Coach Videos
  • Pre-curated Workshops
  • Research-Based White Papers

Support for Teachers

Self-Paced Learning Modules

  • The Wonders Basics module provides an overview of the Wonders curriculum, instructional path and resources, classroom set-up, and placement testing to inform small-group instruction.
  • The Manage Small Group Time module includes model classroom videos and coaching videos that support teachers in organizing and managing small-group workstations and instructional time.

Video Support

  • Model lesson videos show experienced teachers delivering Wonders lessons in real classrooms.
  • Author videos and coach videos address research-based best practice teaching approaches in key instructional areas, such as English language learners, dual language classrooms, and social emotional learning.

Digital Help

  • The Digital Help tab includes over 60 tutorial videos and PDFs to support teachers in using the instructional support assets in the digital Teacher Workspace.

Support for Administrators

Checklists and Communication Tools

  • Administrator Implementation Checklist and Walk-Through Guides help you organize your implementation timeline and support teachers.
  • Letters and presentation templates provide a structure for introducing Wonders to parents and families.
  • Coach Observation Tool Checklists support coaching of teachers at beginning, middle, and end of year, with correlated online professional development scaffolds.

Ready-to-Teach Workshops

  • These pre-curated, video-based workshop modules include facilitator and participant guide PDFs and allow school or district administrators and coaches to easily facilitate on-site PD training in Close Reading and Small Group Instruction. The modules can also be used by individual teachers for self-paced learning.

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