Research, Success, and Thought Leadership for the Wonders PreK–6 Literacy Curriculum

Research Studies and Success Stories for Wonders

Wonders uses research-proven instruction and best practices to help students grow as readers, writers, and critical thinkers.

Take a look at Wonders efficacy and success! This research compendium includes:

  • Independent efficacy studies
  • Testimonials from a wide range of districts
  • Educator perception survey

Research-based Support for English Learners

As the United States continues to become more culturally and linguistically diverse, there is a pressing need for fundamental principles that guide the support of English learners as they acquire content and develop language.

Drawing upon extensive research in the field, McGraw-Hill has developed the following nine guiding principles for supporting English learners at all grade levels and in all disciplines:

  • Provide Specialized Instruction
  • Cultivate Meaning
  • Teach Structure and Form
  • Develop Language in Context
  • Scaffold to Support Access
  • Foster Interaction
  • Create Affirming Cultural Spaces
  • Engage Home to Enrich Instruction
  • Promote Multilingualism

Education Thought Leaders on Literacy

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