Pedagogy & Features for McGraw-Hill My Math​

Made for Student Success​

Built around the Standards for Mathematical Practices, McGraw-Hill My Math engages students with the focus, coherence and rigor required by state standards. The program has an intuitive lesson format and digital tools to develop customized content. Digital accessibility with any device help you to plan, sequence, and deliver instruction that works best for your students anytime, anywhere. ​

"Aligns to the Core and requires kids to think more, talk more, and write more about learning math. It is definitely asking students to reflect and/or think more about problem-solving."

Renee Rudolph​
K–12 District Math Curriculum Coordinator,​
Minot Public School District, ND​

The Rigor You Need

What is challenging can also be fun

McGraw-Hill My Math inspires students to embrace the power of math through real-world applications, experiencing just how fun math success can be. The program interweaves the three components of rigor—conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application—enabling your students to steadily progress and grow their math confidence.

"It follows a progression. It gives plenty of practice on a skill before jumping to something else. It is very focused."

Candice Gaster​
5th Grade Math Teacher,​
Pleasant Hill Elementary, SC​