Authors for McGraw-Hill My Math​ Learning Solution

Students gain a deep understanding of math thanks to the McGraw-Hill My Math and Glencoe Math authorship team. The team targeted conceptual understanding, key areas of focus and a connection to previously acquired concepts and skills to develop the embedded rigor found in both programs.

The Number Worlds authorship team is comprised of experts and industry leaders in the areas of improving mathematics learning and achievement for at-risk students.

McGraw-Hill My Math and Glencoe Math Authors

Lead Authors

Gilbert J. Cuevas, Ph. D.
John A. Carter, Ph.D.
Roger Day, Ph.D., NBCT​
Carol Malloy, Ph.D.

Contributing Author

Dina Zike, Dinah-Might Activities, Inc.

Number Worlds Authors

Sharon Griffin, Ph.D.
Douglas Clements, Ph.D. and Julie Sarama