SCOREboard™ for AP Economics

Grade Levels: 9-12

Organized around the revised AP Curriculum Framework, SCOREboard™ will prepare students for their upcoming AP exam thoroughly and conveniently.

SCOREboard™ for AP Economics

ONLINE access allows students to study anytime, anywhere via their computers or mobile tablet, equating to ultimate mobility and flexibility.

ADAPTIVE CONTENT REVIEW uses LearnSmart™ technology to deliver self-paced, targeted content practice. Adaptive questioning assesses student understanding and drills into areas of weakness, providing additional practice and point-of-use learning resources to ensure comprehension. The Recharge feature identifies concepts students are likely to forget, and encourages them to "recharge" their knowledge to ensure long-term retention.

FOUR COMPLETE AP PRACTICE EXAMS provide a practical AP test-taking experience. Each exam mirrors the content and structure, and the sections are timed and scored like the actual AP Exams. These auto-graded exams give immediate feedback on results, and include detailed scoring rubrics for Free Response Questions.

COMPREHENSIVE REPORTS provide students and teachers with in-depth insights at all levels. Students can view frequently missed questions, sections of struggle, current learning statistics, self-assessment results, and more. Teachers can view student and class performance, most frequently missed questions, quiz results, metacognitive skills, and more.