Possible Selves Teacher Edition https://www.mheducation.com/cover-images/Jpeg_400-high/0076627020.jpeg 6 - 12 9780076627028
Fusion Reading is a comprehensive, research-based reading intervention program for grades 6-12. The flexible, multi-year program provides struggling adolescent students the skills they need to become fluent, competent, and confident readers. Students learn to read award-winning books that are relevant to their lives and the problems they face, and provide skill-building practice of the concepts they are learning in the classroom. Fusion Reading is a reading intervention program designed to teach students the basic skills and strategies necessary so that they can return to grade-level, common core classwork. This program is based on over 30 years of research through the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning (KUCRL), a well-known reading research university. The individual strategies comprised in Fusion Reading focus on teaching students to comprehend written text by (a) paraphrasing, (b) summarizing, (c) clarifying, (d) predicting, (e) recognizing complex words, (f) increasing reading fluency, and (g) learning new vocabulary. Professional Development is highly recommended for this program to make sure that the skills and strategies are implemented with fidelity. With the purchase of the Fusion Reading Teacher Materials, teachers receive an online Professional Development module (Establish the Course) that will introduce the program and get them started. Additionally, 10 online Professional Development modules are available with a 2-year or 6-year subscription for purchase (over 11 hours of training). Onsite Professional Development and Implementation courses will be handled by the University of Kansas and the authors
Possible Selves Teacher Edition

Possible Selves Teacher Edition

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 6 - 12
MHID: 0076627020 |  ISBN 13: 9780076627028
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