Virtual Care Package

The Power of Patience

Time has always been just beyond the reach of our control. We try to track it. We try to contain it. Sometimes we wish we could snap our fingers and add more hours to the day. Other times we want the day to fly by. And it seems that, no matter how we plan, our time to enjoy friends, family, and our lives always comes up short. But there is an important skill we can cultivate as we engage in this tug of war for time—a skill that helps us build important relationships. That skill is patience.

Patience can be defined as the ability to accept or endure challenges, hardships, or delays without getting upset. Harnessing the power of patience requires a commitment to two key themes:

  • Developing the capacity to wait for something to happen­­—or for something to end!
  • Cultivating patience with other people.

In our continual effort to enhance our ability to live, work, and grow, we would like to share with you this package of curated activities, strategies, and empowerment tools. They are designed to help you and your students, friends, and family strengthen your patience. Patience brings refreshment and rejuvenation, and we know this is sorely needed in today's world. We can’t hold your hand today. We can't hug you—yet. Until the day we can, we hope this package provides you with the peace and solace you need to stay the course; manage your time; and live, love, and grow in happiness.

Patience isn't a cure-all. It's not a magic wand, and we know it won't fix every problem. But it gives us the power to do hard things, persevere, take deep, patient breaths, and continue on, even when we feel lost and out of time.

From McGraw Hill to You—Enjoy the Power of Patience.

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