Everything You Need

The Glencoe High School Math Series including Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Precalculus includes everything you need to equip your students for success in mathematics. Our print and digital programs offer maximum flexibility for students to build skills that increase confidence as they move toward future educational and career goals.

Program Highlights

Common Core Ready

Connecting math, rigor and the common core for every student is the foundation of our program. Our focus on the Standards of Mathematical Practice throughout the program, combined with embedded practice and application, results in higher order thinking and deeper conceptual understanding.

Dynamic Digital Tools

Bring math to life with access to our unmatched depth of resources that engage students, enable exploration of mathematical concepts and deliver practice opportunities. Geometer's Sketchpad, eToolkit and Personal Tutors are just examples of embedded tools that support students and lead them to visualize math.

Personalized & Adaptive Instruction

Drive student success by using our built in solutions that allow you to target and fine-tune instruction using real-time data snapshots at student and classroom levels. ALEKS, eAssessment and leveled exercise sets enable you to adjust your instruction to meet the needs of every student.