Pinpoint Math

Pinpoint Math’s complete intervention solution incorporates diagnostic assessment, targeted instruction, and progress monitoring – all necessary to improve mathematics performance among struggling students. The program includes five to six separate student booklets per level, along with a teacher guide, assessment resources, and student tutorials available online or via CD-ROM.

An Optional Online Assessment Management System provides educators with the ability to manage test assignments and generate reports.

Tools for Early Assessment in Math (TEAM)

Tools for Early Assessment in Math (TEAM) is an assessment screening tool for students in Grades PreK-2. This tool can be used to determine where a student is proficient in math skills by providing meaningful diagnostic reports and by prescribing additional activities to accelerate their learning of these skills based on the reported data.


  • Measures math skills and knowledge through a diagnostic assessment.
  • Identifies students learning trajectory track for core math topics.
  • Reports on students’ understanding of math skills and standards.
  • Prescribes activity reports that tie back to math curriculum.