The Digital Experience for McGraw Hill AP®/Honors & Electives

Our digital solutions are enriched with multimedia content including videos, animations, and simulations that enhance the teaching and learning experience both inside and outside of the classroom. Authored by the world’s leading subject matter experts and organized at the chapter level, the resources provide students with multiple opportunities to apply their understanding and master course content. Teachers can save time, customize lessons, monitor student progress, and make data-driven decisions in the classroom with the flexible, easy-to-navigate instructional tools.

Intuitive Design

Resources are organized at the chapter level. To enhance the core content, teachers can​ add assignments, activities, and instructional aides to any lesson. The chapter landing page gives students access to the following:​

  • Adaptive SmartBook® assignments​
  • Resources and assessments​
  • Assigned activities​
  • Interactive eBook
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The chapter landing page links students to resources that support success.