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ALEKS Adventure
Building Blocks PreK
Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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ALEKS Adventure
Building Blocks PreK
Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Our Principles

AP, Honors & Electives

Grades 9–12

The Digital Experience

Our digital solutions are enriched with multimedia content including videos, animations, and simulations that enhance the teaching and learning experience both inside and outside of the classroom. Authored by the world’s leading subject matter experts and organized at the chapter level, the resources provide students with multiple opportunities to apply their understanding and master course content. Teachers can save time, customize lessons, monitor student progress, and make data-driven decisions in the classroom with the flexible, easy-to-navigate instructional tools.

Intuitive Design

Resources are organized at the chapter level. To enhance the core content, teachers can​ add assignments, activities, and instructional aides to any lesson. The chapter landing page gives students access to the following:​

  • Adaptive SmartBook® assignments​
  • Resources and assessments​
  • Assigned activities​
  • Interactive eBook
Chapter 5: Evoluation and Gene Frequencies

The chapter landing page links students to resources that support success.

Adaptive Study Tools

SmartBook® is the online adaptive study tool. Its interactive features engage students and personalize the learning experience with self-guided tools that​

  • Assess a student’s proficiency and knowledge.​
  • Track which topics have been mastered.​
  • Identify areas that need more study.​
  • Improve reading comprehension by highlighting key content that needs additional study.​
  • Present focused content specific to the student’s individual needs.
Multiple Choice questions and Learning outcome screenshot examples

Top: Highlighted content adapts to show what students have been assigned in yellow, and what requires further study in blue.​
Bottom: Practice sets measure depth of understanding and present a personalized learning path based on student responses.

Teacher Resources

Teachers have access to SmartBook®—an interactive, adaptive eBook—plus a wealth of customizable chapter resources and powerful gradebook tools.​

​Resources include the following:​

  • Online Teacher Manual with chapter outlines, teaching suggestions, reading strategies, and pacing guides.​
  • Student performance reports to help teachers identify gaps, make data-driven decisions, and adjust instruction.​
  • Customizable PowerPoint presentations.​
  • Labeled diagrams, visual aids, animations, and additional ideas
Teacher Resource screenshot

Top: A searchable library makes it easy to find and assign resources.​
Bottom two images: Customizable assignments and quiz banks provide automated grading that populates easy-to-read reports.​

SmartBook for Students

More Personalized. More Productive. More Accessible.

As students move through the material, multiple data points are captured to sequence and pace learning for each student’s unique needs.​

  • Focused Instruction: Yellow highlights help students easily identify their assigned learning concepts.​
  • Targeted Remediation: Blue highlights bring focus to the contents and concepts that require additional study.​
  • Meaningful Practice: Practice sets with instant feedback allow students to ask for guidance and rate their confidence level.​
  • Recharged Learning: Students can recharge their learning by accessing previously completed assignments with personalized recommendations.​
  • Mobile Ready: Assignments are accessible both online and offline with the ReadAnywhere app.​
The Seven Years' War example on tablet and monitor

SmartBook for Teachers​

More Control. More Prepared. More Actionable.​

Teachers can organize assignments to suit their students' needs and align to their course outcomes while easily tracking student progress at the individual and/or class level.​

  • Flexible Assignments: Assign homework down to the sub-topic level and time-on-task.​
  • Manageable Content: Assign content across multiple chapters to establish the context for the learning ahead and make connections between chapters, topics, and concepts.​
  • Results-based Support: Provide personalized review assignments that target each student’s areas of weakness, better preparing them for upcoming assessments.​
  • Actionable Reports: Advanced reporting features track individual and class progress with data-driven insights.​
Progress reports example on tablet and laptop

AP Resources

The AP aligned teacher and student resources are designed to support success for a wide and diverse range of AP classrooms. Interactive tools and course specific content help students prepare for the rigors of the course, keep pace with the coursework, and excel on the Exam.

Teachers have access to solid instructional guidance and innovative, interactive strategies to create and present an AP course aligned to the new frameworks including:​

  • AP Teacher Manuals accessible at the course or chapter level
  • Chapter-level overviews, AP suggested activities, pacing guides, and benchmarks tagged to AP objectives.
  • Direct links to AP Course and Exam Descriptions
  • Correlations to the newest Frameworks – organized at the course and chapter levels
  • AP test banks with AP-style questions
Experience History book cover and example screenshot

*You will be redirected to the McGraw Hill Higher Education website to view the product description. These programs are available as textbook-only options. Digital access is purchased separately. Purchase of the student editions include free access to online teacher resources. For K–12 pricing and bundle options, please contact your sales representative.

AP®, Advanced Placement®, and Advanced Placement Program® are trademarks registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these products.