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Aircraft Powerplants, Ninth Edition
Aircraft Powerplants, Ninth Edition

Aircraft Powerplants, Ninth Edition, 9th Edition

ISBN10: 1259835715 | ISBN13: 9781259835711
By Thomas Wild
© 2018

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* The estimated amount of time this product will be on the market is based on a number of factors, including faculty input to instructional design and the prior revision cycle and updates to academic research-which typically results in a revision cycle ranging from every two to four years for this product. Pricing subject to change at any time.

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The most comprehensive guide to aircraft powerplants―fully updated for the latest advances

This authoritative textbook contains all the information you need to learn to master the operation and maintenance of aircraft engines and achieve FAA Powerplant certification. The book offers clear explanations of all engine components, mechanics, and technologies. This ninth edition has been thoroughly revised to include the most current and critical topics. Brand-new sections explain the latest engine models, diesel engines, alternative fuels, pressure ratios, and reciprocating and turbofan engines. Hundreds of detailed diagrams and photos illustrate each topic.

Aircraft Powerplants, Ninth Edition covers:

Aircraft powerplant classification and progress

Reciprocating-engine construction and nomenclature

Internal-combustion engine theory and performance

Lubricants and lubricating systems

Induction systems, superchargers, and turbochargers

Cooling and exhaust systems

Basic fuel systems and carburetors

Fuel injection systems

Reciprocating-engine ignition and starting systems

Operation, inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting of reciprocating engines

Reciprocating engine overhaul practices

Principal parts, construction, types, and nomenclature of gas-turbine engines

Gas-turbine engine theory and jet propulsion principles

Turbine-engine lubricants and lubricating systems

Ignition and starting systems of gas-turbine engines

Turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft engines

Gas-turbine operation, inspection, troubleshooting, maintenance, and overhaul

Propeller theory, nomenclature, and operation

Turbopropellers and control systems

Propeller installation, inspection, and maintenance

Engine indicating, warning, and control systems


1. Aircraft Powerplant Classification and Progress
Engine Design and Classification
Review Questions
2. Reciprocating-Engine Construction and Nomenclature
The Crankcase
The Crankshaft
Connecting-Rod Assemblies
Valves and Associated Parts
The Accessory Section
Propeller Reduction Gears
Review Questions
3. Internal-Combustion Engine Theory and Performance
Science Fundamentals
Engine Operating Fundamentals
Valve Timing and Engine Firing Order
The Two-Stroke Cycle
Diesel Engine Operating Principles
Power Calculations
Engine Efficiency
Factors Affecting Performance
Review Questions
4. Lubricants and Lubricating Systems
Classification of Lubricants
Lubricating Oil Properties
The Need for Lubrication
Lubricant Requirements and Functions
Characteristics and Components of Lubrication Systems
Engine Design Features Related to Lubrication
Typical Lubrication Systems
Review Questions
5. Induction, Supercharger, Turbocharger, Cooling, and Exhaust Systems
General Description
Basic Induction System Components
Principles of Supercharging and Turbocharging
Internal Single-Speed Supercharger
The Turbocharger
Reciprocating-Engine Cooling Systems
Reciprocating-Engine Exhaust Systems
Review Questions
6. Basic Fuel Systems and Carburetors
Characteristics of Gasoline
Fuel Systems
Principles of Carburetion
Float-Type Carburetors
Carburetor Icing
Inspection and Overhaul of Float-Type Carburetors
Principles of Pressure Injection
Water Injection
Review Questions
7. Fuel Injection Systems
Continental Continuous-Flow Injection System
RSA Fuel Injection System
Review Questions
8. Reciprocating-Engine Ignition and Starting Systems
Principles of Ignition
Types of Magnetos
Magneto Operational Theory
Ignition Shielding
Ignition Boosters and Auxiliary Ignition Units
Continental Ignition High-Tension Magneto System for Light-Aircraft Engine
Continental Dual-Magneto Ignition Systems
Slick Series 4300 and 6300 Magnetos
Other High-Tension Magnetos
Low-Tension Ignition
Low-Tension Ignition System for Light-Aircraft Engines
FADEC System Description
Compensated Cam
Magneto Maintenance and Inspection
Overhaul of Magnetos
Spark Plugs
Starters for Reciprocating Aircraft Engines
Starters for Medium and Large Engines
Troubleshooting and Maintenance
Review Questions
9. Operation, Inspection, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting of Reciprocating Engines
Reciprocating-Engine Operation
Engine Operation
Cruise Control
Engine Operating Conditions
Reciprocating-Engine Operations in Winter
Inspection and Maintenance
Review Questions
10. Reciprocating-Engine Overhaul Practices
Need for Overhaul
Overhaul Shop
Receiving the Engine
Visual Inspection
Structural Inspection
Dimensional Inspection
Repair and Replacement
Engine Testing and Run-In
Engine Preservation and Storage
Review Questions
11. Principal Parts, Construction, Types, and Nomenclature of Gas-Turbine Engines
Turbine-Engine Development
Gas-Turbine Engine Types
The Inlet
Types of Compressors
Fan Bypass Ratio
Compressor Stall
Compressor Airflow and Stall Control
Air-Bleed and Internal Air Supply Systems
The Diffuser
Combustion Chambers
Turbine Nozzle Diaphragm
Exhaust Systems
Exhaust Nozzles
Variable-Area Exhaust Nozzle
Thrust Reversers
Accessory Drive
Reduction-Gear Systems
Engine Noise
Advanced Manufacturing Processes
Review Questions
12. Gas-Turbine Engine: Theory, Jet Propulsion Principles, Engine Performance , and Efficiencies

About the Author

Thomas Wild

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