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McGraw Hill’s Non-Majors Biology “Tell Us Why” Campaign

McGraw Hill asked instructors to tell us why they love teaching Non-Majors Biology.  Here is what they told us!  Instructors also love teaching Non-Majors Biology with McGraw Hill’s thematic product Why Biology?  Learn more about Why Biology? here

Jeff Crisp, Greenville Technical College 

“Teaching non-majors is a challenge which alone makes it interesting and fun. The most enjoyable part is to be able to make them realize that they do need and use Biology for the rest of their life. I like to call it useable or functional biology. Presenting the subject matter in a way they can understand and relate to every day. That's the fun part!” 

Carolyn Hess, Keiser University 

“I love teaching Non-Majors Biology because the students don't love Biology yet (that's my job)! Often they've had a bad experience with Biology in high school and they think it's boring, but when I'm through with them, they have developed an appreciation for how great it is!” 

Jennifer Lane, Baruch College 

“I enjoy being a Non-Majors Biology instructor because I love to instill enthusiasm for science in students who are new to biology as a subject. Seeing the ‘eureka moment’ when students realize just how fascinating biology is, and how it relates to their daily lives in ways they never imagined (from diet and health to genetics and new technologies) is a real highlight of my work.” 

Beth Madison, Union University 

“I love helping non-science-y people get over their fear or misconceptions about science. If I can help them find beauty and wonder in Biology, then we can together discover joy from how we can be helped and help others in our everyday lives by learning science.” 

Non-Majors Biology Instructor at a Texas institution 

“I truly enjoy teaching non-majors biology students for several reasons. As non-majors, the students have a genuine interest in learning about biology and how it affects their everyday lives. By providing them with a basic foundation of knowledge they are equipped to understand scientific information that they may be exposed to daily and through various outlets.” 

Non-Majors Biology Instructor at a New York institution 

“To help people who biology/science is not their favorite subject to appreciate it and see the beauty of it. It is important to society to educate people about the process of science and biology and how it works.” 

If you would like to share why you love teaching Non-Majors Biology, just complete this quick survey.