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Check Out Our Top 5 Articles from 2023!

In 2023, the impact and implications of Generative AI in higher education were arguably the central concerns among students and educators. Not surprisingly, the article on Gen AI below was our most-read article of the year. Other key topics of 2023 include the importance of diversity and inclusion and student engagement in academia.   

Here are our top 5 articles of 2023! 

1. How to Utilize Generative AI in the Classroom: When, Where, How, and Why

Daniel Pfaltzgraf, who teaches at the University of Toledo’s Neff College of Business & Innovation, examines the shift that generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) brings to institutions of higher learning.   

2. How strict should you be? A guide to assignment due dates.

Just how flexible should deadlines be in a college course? It’s a good question, with multiple answers, as Anna Johnson of Oregon’s Mt. Hood Community College explains. 

3. Strategies for Igniting a Student’s Passion for Learning

Students learn better when they are passionate about learning. Author Christopher Bona of Purdue University’s Brian Lamb School of Communication offers insights and tips about igniting a passion for learning in students. 

4. Why Students Get Bored in Class and What to Do About It

More and more students are finding themselves bored in the classroom. Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati's Carl H. Lindner College of Business, Ric Sweeney examines the causes—and possible cures—of this dilemma.  

5. Accessibility and Inclusivity: Using Connect to Support Diverse Learners

In this article, Director of the Spanish Basic Language program at Florida Atlantic University Justin White discusses how he uses McGraw Hill Connect® to accommodate a variety of learning preferences among his students. 

That's our 2023 most-read article recap. Keep following for even more higher education content!