Everyday Math 4 Program Overview Everyday Math 4 Program Overview

2016 CODiE Finalist

Program Overview

More Confidence

Clear Expectations of Mastery

The spiral curriculum of Everyday Mathematics® helps ensure students master key concepts by continually revisiting content in a variety of contexts over time. Everyday Mathematics 4 brings a new level of transparency to the spiral, adding to your confidence that your students will master the standards for each grade. You are empowered to help your students succeed because you can clearly see how content develops across lessons and easily pinpoint each student’s mastery level for every standard at any point in the year.

Easier To Use

Robust Assessment Support

With the range of assessment opportunities in Everyday Mathematics 4, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your students are on track to master state standards in preparation for the rigors of test day. With brand new tools to help you evaluate and record your students’ performance, you can access a wealth of data that gives you detailed and actionable information about their progress.

Program Support at Point of Use

With Everyday Mathematics 4, the support you need is always at your fingertips. From professional development notes in many lessons to background information about math concepts in every unit organizer, you’ll always feel well-­informed and confident delivering your math lessons. Your resources also include guides, video demonstrations, and an online community, all of which enable you to access and share best practices to maximize results in your classroom.

More Engaging for Students

Interactive Digital Experience

The Student Learning Center (SLC) is a digital learning environment that’s an integral part of Everyday Mathematics 4. The SLC supports student learning with

  • Access to fun games that encourage students to practice math concepts.
  • Online versions of every assessment and activity.
  • Immediate feedback on their work.
  • Support for parents.

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More Effective

Engineered for the CCSS

Teach with confidence knowing your curriculum is engineered for the Common Core State Standards. New for Everyday Mathematics 4, the standards have been decomposed into Goals for Mathematical Content so you can easily monitor your student’s progress and differentiate appropriately, making sure each student fully masters CCSS.