Reveal the Full Potential in Every Student

Math learning thrives on exploration, conversation, and reflection. Reveal Math® is a complete K–12 core math program built on contemporary academic research and designed so all your students can succeed in mathematics.

Reveal Math Programs

Purposeful Math Instruction

Reveal meaningful learning experiences

Derived from the latest research on how students learn best, Reveal Math is strategically designed to fuel active student engagement and deepen conceptual understanding. This coherent, vertically aligned K–12 core math solution will help you uncover the mathematician in every student through productive struggle, rich tasks, inquiry opportunities, and mathematical discourse.

Reveal a transformation in how students approach math

By encouraging curiosity, exploration, and a growth mindset, Reveal Math allows students to see math as a dynamic set of problem-solving strategies instead of the application of memorized algorithmic or computational procedures. This powerful paradigm shift allows students to learn the language of math and demonstrate their fluency all along the road towards standard mastery.

Reveal empowering, equitable, and effective differentiation

Reveal Math can empower by creating more equitable learning experiences. Whether you are in the classroom, teaching remotely, or utilizing a blended learning model — the purposeful technology and insightful instructional resources within Reveal Math will help you provide effective, multimodal differentiation and scaffolded support for students at every level.

Timely, Insightful Differentiation

Check out the below videos to learn more about the various differentiation resources available through the print and digital components of Reveal Math for grades K–12.

Reveal Math K–5 Differentiation Resources Video

Reveal Math 6–12 Differentiation Resources Video

Choose a K–12 Curriculum with All Green Ratings

We are proud to announce that the independent curriculum review organization has awarded Reveal Math K–12 green ratings across all three gateways: Focus and Coherence, Rigor and Mathematical Practices, and Usability. EdReports’ review, conducted by classroom educators and district leaders, reflects satisfaction from those who know what it takes to promote student success.

See what EdReports has to say about our high-quality instructional materials:





Reveal Math Now Features NWEA MAP Growth Integration

MAP Growth®, the market's most trusted, accurate interim assessment is now integrated within Reveal Math and offers actionable data at point-of-use. Two new reports provide MAP Growth RIT scores, which will save educators time by identifying students who may need additional support. Watch the video to learn more about this winning partnership that maximizes the use of adaptive practice to address gaps in knowledge in preparation for the content ahead!

Download the flyer to learn about the integration of MAP Growth data from NWEA in Reveal Math.

Digital Practice at Every Level for Every Student

Mastery takes practice, and practice is most effective when it meets specific learning needs. That’s why Reveal Math offers an array of digital practice solutions—to help students learn and teachers teach in ways that work for them. Dynamic, customizable, differentiated, interactive, and adaptive—these are just some of the means by which Reveal Math digital practice works with and for your classroom.

Because when students access frequent, robust, engaging, and purposeful opportunities to develop grade-level skills, they succeed. Watch our video to learn more.

Supplemental and Intervention Mathematics

Wanting to address unfinished learning, offer targeted differentiation, or provide extended learning activities? We can help you meet all students at their level to address their individual learning needs with supplemental solutions that blend seamlessly into our Reveal Math core curriculum.

VIEW ALEKS Grades 3–12

Supplemental math assessment and adaptive learning platform


Personalized, adaptive supplemental instruction


Supplemental Intervention for any core instructional model