Reading Laboratory, SRA

Grade Levels: K-12

SRA Reading Laboratories have been helping students improve their reading skills for over 50 years! SRA Reading Laboratories provide a range of reading levels to encourage students to learn at their own pace; personalized instruction helps meet the needs of all students at all grade and reading levels.

Reading Laboratory, SRA

For over 50 years, SRA Reading Labs have helped more than 100 million students around the world improve their reading skills. A range of reading levels encourages students to learn independently and at their own pace. Self-directed readings let you manage an entire classroom of readers at different levels. You simply initiate the program with a placement test. Then, students progress through each level at their own rate.


  • Easy to manage approach for students in Grades K-12
  • Provides individualized instruction to an entire classroom of readers at different levels
  • Includes a simple placement test to initiate the program - also on CD-ROM
  • Students score their own work with Answer Key Cards and keep accurate accounts of their own progress in Student Record Books
  • Comprehensive Teacher's Handbook offers tips for developing an independent learning environment and supporting the low-level learners for maximum success

Time-tested features and engaging materials boost chances of successful learning:

  • Power Builders, the heart of the SRA Reading Labs, intrigues students with interesting stories
  • Self-directed reading materials and skill exercises are color-coded by reading level
  • At-level reading of enjoyable fiction and non-fiction stories, from animals to adventure, eliminates frustration and boredom

The SRA Reading Labs are a perfect supplement to any core reading program by providing practice in:

  • Phonics
  • Decodable Text
  • Timed Reading/Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Test Preparation
  • Literature