Virtual Care Package

What is bravery?

Of all the characteristics that make us human, our capacity for courage is perhaps the most admirable—and yet also the most surprising. After all, when we are brave, we take positive action despite uncertainty, risk, and fear. That we can achieve such an incredible feat is a testament to our humanity, and this is something worth celebrating.

Today, in times such as those we are experiencing, we are all calling upon our own courage as we navigate experiences and challenges that are simultaneously unfamiliar and formidable. Uncertainty, risk, and fear seem to lurk in every corner. Fortunately, research on the human brain and how we learn has demonstrated that all people—no matter their age—are capable of demonstrating courage. Moreover, bravery serves as the cornerstone of how we learn; without courage, we can never take the risk of trying new skills or exploring new ideas.

As such, in honor of you and your young learners, we have created this bravery care package. Although some of the resources in this package are more tailored for children, and others are more geared toward adults (i.e., educators, parents, caregivers, etc.), everything in this package is designed to be used by anyone looking to develop courage. We hope that you enjoy this package and that it also serves as a source of inspiration for your own courageous ideas and learning experiences.

When we at McGraw Hill asked the question, “What is bravery?”—we found the answer in you. Bravery is what adults are achieving every day when they work with children to ensure that their learning never stops, regardless of how or when or where that learning happens. It is what young learners do every day, even as their entire worlds are rapidly transformed. And it is what we will continue celebrating as we cheer you on, every courageous step of the way.

With sincere and caring appreciation,