Examples of Customized Programs from McGraw-Hill

Sample Gallery of Custom Programs

Science, Math, and Social Studies Custom Programs

Ohio Middle School Inspire Science

Modules from the National 6-8 Inspire Science program were ordered to match the scope and sequence of the Ohio Learning Standards.

Reveal Integrated Math

This High School Math program was created by using content from Reveal Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2. The content was realigned and adjusted to meet the suggested Integrated Pathway of the Common Core Standards.

United States and Massachusetts Government and Civic Life

The MHE National Civics program was customized to include regional content and to meet MA Specific standards.

Other Custom Programs

Wonders Literature Anthology

To create this anthology three books were consolidated into one and given a different binding style.

From Slavery to Freedom

The Custom Solutions team can help to provide School customers access to Higher Education material.

The Role of the Athletic Trainer in Sports Medicine

This program was customized to align with the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Course Outline for High School Students.