SyncBlasts™ - Social Studies

Grade Levels: 6-12

SyncBlasts™, powered by StudySync®, provides short, daily reading and writing assignments that present relevant social studies and current events topics.

SyncBlasts™ - Social Studies

SyncBlasts™ - Social Studies
An Inquiry-Based Supplemental Solution for 6-12 Social Studies

SyncBlasts provides reading and writing assignments called Blasts on social studies and current event articles, and provides students the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations about topics that affect their world. New Blasts are published each school day at three Lexile®-levels.

Blasts challenge students to:
• Build vital research, writing, and critical-thinking skills, while providing an easy entry point for peer review.
• Develop informed opinions on high-interest topics of cultural significance.
• Express their opinions succinctly, in a familiar 140-character or less format.
• Participate in thoughtful discussions with an authentic audience of peers.

Supporting student inquiry and discussion, SyncBlasts includes multimedia components such as preview videos that highlight background information relevant to the Blast topic, skills videos with peer modeling, and additional video content that helps students build a complete understanding of the topic and construct informed responses to their assignments.

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