It's time to make science inspiring! With Inspire Science, students develop critical-thinking skills and begin to make important connections about what they learn in the classroom and what's happening in the world around them. Problem-based learning, hands-on activities and group collaboration help them start thinking and learning like a scientist!

Problem Based Learning

Inspire Science was designed to empower students to develop the critical thinking skills they'll need to address real-world situations. Whether designing a next-generation smart-phone, making a breakthrough in sustainable energy or advancing medical science, today's students need to know how look at problems from a variety of angles. The problem-based learning that is central to Inspire Science will give students the practice they need to succeed in developing solutions to whatever challenges they may encounter down the road.

Hands-On Activities

Whether it's field research or lab work, getting your hands dirty is an important part of science! That's why Inspire Science offers simple, hands-on activities to reinforce scientific concepts and to connect to real-world science and engineering.

Through our leveled readers' activities, simulations, and other hands-on and digital activities, students can manipulate their environment to test their theories and show cause and effect relationships just like real scientists and engineers – and make science come to life in a way that connects to each lesson's content!

Group Collaboration

Two heads are always better than one and that's why Inspire Science lessons are designed to include many opportunities for students to work together to research, develop solutions and communicate their findings and solutions with evidence. The team work skills students develop with Inspire Science not only enhances their science learning, but also benefits their collaboration skills across other subjects.

STEM Career Kids

Students will love our Inspire Science "STEM Career Kids". Playing grown-up scientists and engineers, the Career Kids will help students along their learning paths. Grade levels K-2 and 3-5 each feature 8 career kids representing 8 different careers. From an entomologist to an aerospace engineer, the kids will help students imagine what they could be and might do when they grow up!