Human Geography (Malinowski), AP* Edition © 2013

Grade Levels: 9-12

Geographers believe that phenomena on Earth's surface are the result of a complex series of processes at the local, regional, national, and international scale. Human Geography introduces you to geographers' attempts to make sense of the diverse reality of human populations on Earth's surface. Using a modular approach, each of the 18 chapters is configured to allow teachers to easily customize their courses.

Human Geography (Malinowski), AP* Edition © 2013


  • A chapter on the "history of geographical thought" includes modern social theoretical perspectives.
  • Includes innovative contemporary examples throughout
  • Connect® Human Geography, a powerful online learning platform, with eBook and classroom management tools
  • AP Online Learning Center with AP correlations and more

This edition is also available with Connect®, the integrated learning platform that features complete electronic test banks, robust reporting tools for students and teachers, and an interactive eBook.

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