Pinpoint Math

Grade Levels: 1-7

Pinpoint Math’s complete intervention solution incorporates diagnostic assessment, targeted instruction, and progress monitoring – all necessary to improve mathematics performance among struggling students. The program includes five to six separate student booklets per level, along with a teacher guide, assessment resources, and student tutorials available online or via CD-ROM.

An Optional Online Assessment Management System provides educators with the ability to manage test assignments and generate reports.

Pinpoint Math

Instructional Model

  • Pretest – Pretest for the first volume is given to all students, either online or by paper and pencil.
  • Assignments – Student booklet pages and online computer tutorials are assigned based on individual student needs.
  • Summary and Review – Students complete Topic Summary, Mixed Review and Progress Monitoring informal assessment pages and receive teacher feedback.
  • Student Action Plan – The teacher prepares individual or group standards-based assignments based on test results
  • Teaching a Topic – Students complete the introduction page; the teacher demonstrates, questions, and/or presents an overview of the topic based on student introduction responses.

Components for All Levels A-G (Grades 1-7)

  • Student booklets: 6 per level
  • Teacher’s Guides: 1 per level
  • Assessment Resources: 1 per level
  • Student Tutorials CD-ROM: 1 per level