Basic Writing Skills 1992

Help your students achieve writing success with Basic Writing Skills. Using step-by-step lesson plans, effective practice and cumulative review, you will show your students how to capitalize and punctuate correctly, and write compound and complex sentences. These skills will be used in their daily writing.

About the Program

With SRA's Basic Writing Skills, students learn the rules of capitalization and punctuation as well as how to recognize and write complete sentences. Use Capitalization and Punctuation to assist students who make frequent mistakes in their daily writing. Use Sentence Development to introduce parts of speech and promote the writing of strong expanded sentences.


  • Affordable, teacher-directed program that is easy to manage
  • Lessons can be used with individuals as well as small or large groups
  • Step-by-step lesson plans develop student confidence as well as they gain knowledge
  • Targets skills frequently tested on state and standardized tests

Sentence Development:

  • Designed for students who do not write complete sentences or those who write a series of short, simple sentences, indicating written expression far below grade level
  • Includes a presentation book and reproducible worksheets
  • Teaches students to expand sentences and write compound and complex sentences
  • Teaches students about subject, predicate, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, appositives, and prepositional phrases

Capitalization and Punctuation:

  • Designed for students who use little capitalization and punctuation in their daily writing, and/or make frequent mistakes
  • Includes a presentation book and reproducible worksheets
  • Teaches the application of nineteen capitalization and punctuation rules
  • Teaches rules about commas and apostrophes

Program Components

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