Horizons 1998

Grade Levels: K-4

Horizons is both a superior core reading program and a highly effective intervention program, updated with current research on beginning reading. The rate of instruction can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your students. Explicit instruction in text comprehension enables students to draw on varied strategies.

Horizons 1998

Levels A and B are recommended for young learners in Grades K-2, who do not read or have poorly developed decoding skills. Starting with phonemic awareness and systematic, explicit phonics, Levels A and B progress systematically from simple word types to advanced phonic-analysis skills, complex word patterns, and multisyllabic words. The accelerated Fast Track A-B and C-D enable you to give older ESL/ELL students or below-level readers about four years of reading instruction in just two school years.


  • A detailed sequence of daily lessons provides explicit, systematic instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics/decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension
  • Research-validated Direct Instruction ensures that children learn to read and that they meet or exceed grade-level expectations
  • Spelling is fully coordinated with reading to provide substantial practice with letter sound relationships
  • Fun, appealing stories spark interest and provide a context in which students apply newly learned decoding and comprehension strategies
  • Paired practice and timed reading build fluency and overall comprehension
  • High-quality trade books and literature anthology support initial learning and transfer of knowledge and skills