Reading for Information, SRA

Grade Levels: 2-6

SRA's Reading for Information is a supplemental reading program designed for students in Grades 2-6.  The program teaches strategies and comprehension skills through Science and Social Studies content to help students understand informational text. 

The 3 key elements are taught throughout the text:

  • Vocabulary - Core content vocabulary at every level highlighted in every reader!
  • Features - Comprehension help through bulleted lists, headings, maps, charts, and graphs.
  • Structures - Teach use of text structures such as cause and effect, problem/solution, compare/contrast, and description.

Reading for Information, SRA

These grade levels are important for children. It is during this time that they are first exposed to informational reading. Up until this point, they have learned to read, in most cases, only through exposure to narrative text. Reading for Information presents a needed transition between the two types of texts.

SRA's Reading for Information is a flexible program designed for you!

  • Science and social studies content presented in a format students will see on state tests
  • Leveled Student Readers to differentiate instruction
  • Provides English Language Learner (ELL) support

Student Materials

Student Readers

Each incorporate the 3 key elements throughout the text including vocabulary, features, and structures.  To help differentiate instruction, the Readers are leveled:

  • Approaching Level
  • On Level
  • Above Level 

Interactive Skills Handbook

  • Consumable resource book in a Practice It, Apply It, Learn It, Try It format thoroughly prepares students to increase their confidence.

Teacher Materials

Teacher Guide

  • Flexibility for your classroom setting with one Unit per week
  • Focus, Teach, Review and Assess instructional design
  • Includes Activity Masters (Blackline Masters) with answers

Interactive Skills Handbook TAE

  • Provides easy to find answers to the student Interactive Skills Handbook

Technology Support

ExamView Assessment CD-ROM

  • Generate tests in the form you want
  • Time saving pre-made Unit tests

Puzzlemaker CD-ROM

  • Easily create word-search, crossword, or jumble puzzles
  • Reinforce all the content vocabulary terms in a fun way