Basic Reading Series

Grade Levels: K-2

Give all your students strong independent reading skills by Grade 2 with the Basic Reading Series. In just six levels, they will master virtually every sound/spelling pattern in the language.

Basic Reading Series

Average and above-average learners will thrive with this program's:

  • Orderly, logical structure
  • Self-paced lessons

At-risk and below-level students will appreciate:

  • The emphasis on presenting predictable word families before irregular or confusing elements
  • The extra practice, reinforcement, and enrichment that ensures the mastery of irregular words

Program Features:

  • Systematic vocabulary reviews in every lesson provide concentrated practice so decoding becomes automatic.
  • Workbooks and Activity Pages build concepts and emphasize the meanings of words, phrases, and sentences, enhancing comprehension.
  • The comprehensive Teacher’s Guide for each level provides level-specific program information and teaching tips.


Student Readers

  • Key sound elements introduced at each level (see Scope and Sequence)
  • Lively jingles and engaging stories delight and entertain young readers to keep them motivated
  • Use with student workbooks (sold separately)

Student Workbooks

  • Compatible with student readers
  • Builds decoding concepts and emphasizes the meanings of words, phrases, and sentences

Teacher Guide

  • Introduces word patterns gradually and develops comprehension skills
  • Includes reproducible Mastery Tests and Workbook Answer Keys

Reading/Writing Activities Placement Test (Levels A-F)

  • Determine the appropriate level for each student
  • Easy-to-administer