Mader, Inquiry into Life ©2017 15e

Grade Levels: 9-12

Inquiry into Life offers a unique approach to biology by explaining basic biological concepts and processes with a human emphasis, making biology relevant and understandable to students.

Mader, Inquiry into Life ©2017 15e

Author Dr. Sylvia Mader’s teaching system motivates students to understand and appreciate the wonders of biology. Coupled with a modern digital approach, this traditional learning system is designed to both engage and encourage today’s student.

This edition offers:

  • Connect® with auto-gradable and interactive assessment material tied to learning outcomes
  • A SmartBook® adaptive eBook that creates a personalized reading experience for each student (available in Connect)
  • LearnSmart Labs® virtual lab experience (available in Connect)
  • A downloadable eBook available through ConnectED