Six-Way Paragraphs in the Content Areas: Introductory Level 6 - 12 9780809203710
Six-Way Paragraphs in the Content Areas: Introductory Level

Six-Way Paragraphs in the Content Areas: Introductory Level

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 6 - 12
MHID: 0809203715 |  ISBN 13: 9780809203710

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Key Features

Concentrated skills. Focuses on the six skills that will help students read successfully.

High-interest nonfiction at every level. Engages students with a wide variety of readings in each category.

100 passages in every book. Four reading levels in each book with 25 passages at each level improve reading skills and ensure mastery.

Comprehensive lesson on the six vital skills. Provides in-depth explanations and examples for each of the targeted skills.

Diagnostic Chart and Progress Graph in each book. Help monitor progress and determine which skills need additional practice.

Six-Way Paragraphs in the Content Areas: Introductory Level

To the Student

To the Teacher


Orchestra Basics

Getting Help with Math

History: What It Is, What It Means

Elements of Fiction

Visualizing Percents

The Common Cold

The Roman Army

Are We There Yet?

Kinds of Art

What Is Geography?

Water for Life

Appreciating Poetry

Brain Cells

The Caves of Lascaux

Sea Turdes

The Tangram Puzzle

The Work of an Architect

A Separation of Powers


Calculators and Repeating Decimals

Capital of the Inca Empire


The Earliest Theater

Will Roman Numerals Return?

What Is Social Studies?

Identifying the Danaus Plexippus

What Michelangelo Did 56

The Digits of Pi

The Fertile Crescent


"I Will Fight No More Forever"

Some Kinds of Poetry

"Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally"

Seed Plants

What Is Sociology?

Religious Theater?

The Oldest Math Puzzle

Lights in the Night Sky

Tropical Rain Forests


Four Out of Five Doctors Recommend...

The Basics of Weather

An Earthquake's Effect on Japan

Not All Pyramids Are Square

Novels Then and Now

Forces and Motion

A Marvel of Engineering

Numbers with Personality

Building with the Arch

A Balanced Diet

What Did Confucius Say?

A Raisin in the Sun

The "Right" Angle


What Is Anthropology?


A Theorem Most Proved

Basics of Opera


What Do the Fossils Tell Us?

Distances and Light Years


DNA Identification

Renaissance: A Rebirth of Thinking

Slicing a Cone

Latin Dances


What Is Political Science?

Sherlock Holmes Solves a Math Problem

Epic Poems

The Scientific Method

Bessie Coleman, Determined Pilot

The Fastest Answer

Science Fiction

Sources of Energy

What Is Psychology?

Working with Interest Rates

The Man from Stratford

Scientific Classification System

The First Written Records

The Bridges of Konigsberg

Arts and Crafts Houses


The Better Buy

The Beginnings of Democracy

The Founder of Modern Dance

Cell Structure

Bits and Bytes

The Unmaking of an Anthropology Myth

Mexican Muralists

The Human Body

Shapes That Cover

Chinese Waterways

Singing the Blues

Animal Behavior

Using Exchange Rates

Fewer Births, Longer Lives

A Controversial Novel

Why Equations Don't Have Answers

Answer Keys

Diagnostic Charts

Progress Graphs