We understand the importance of student mastery of the Standards of Learning to become better problem solvers. At McGraw-Hill, we’re teachers and parents too. We know that math is about more than problems and answers–it’s about being better prepared for the real world. We’ve created math solutions that meet students where they are and guide them to a level of math proficiency.

K-5 Math

All Students should have access to an education that ensures academic excellence in Mathematics and prepares them for future success.

As a result, we have carefully curated an array of core and supplemental resources that will enable you to meet your students where they are individually, while helping them achieve success with the Virginia Standards of Learning collectively.

Click below to learn more about Making Math Possible for all students through core math materials as well as our state-of-the-art, dynamic adaptive learning tools for grades K-5, Redbird, and Arrive Math, Core Booster. These tools are being used with success and improved outcomes all across the county in a variety of ways: remediation, supplemental, Gifted and Talented and more.

Redbird Mathematics

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Arrive Math

Number Worlds

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Connecting Math Concepts

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Middle School Math

Glencoe Math

Glencoe Math is a powerful middle school program that develops critical thinkers by making math education relevant, rigorous, and possible for every student.

The three components of rigor—conceptual understanding, application, and procedural fluency—are embedded throughout the program in resources, lessons, and the Mathematical Content Standards assessments. The flexibility of digital planning tools and interactive, online resources are easily accessible and editable on ConnectED, an easy-to-use assignment and assessment platform. These assessments help determine student proficiency before, during, and after lessons. Differentiated instruction resources ensure approaching-level students master concepts before moving on, while beyond-level students are continually challenged.

High School Math


The Glencoe High School Math Series supports students with the knowledge and skills for math success by blending rigorous content with real-world relevance. Careful focus on the Virginia Standards of Learning help prepare students for high-stakes testing.

Adaptive Learning

Grades K-5

A digital learning solution for K-5 students, Redbird Mathematics meets all learners where they are with an engaging program that enables them to understand, apply, and create at their specific point on the learning continuum. Students learn how to be in charge of their own learning, educators practice the art of teaching with support from data-driven insights into student understanding, and administrators provide a classroom tool to help drive institutions towards achievement goals.

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Grades 6-12

ALEKS provides adaptive, individualized instruction focused on the topics a student is most ready to learn next. Adaptive assessments identify knowledge gaps, while built-in remediation and an open-response environment ensure true content mastery.

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