Training & Professional Development for Texas Programs

Overview of Professional Development for Texas Programs

Executive Planning Meeting

Beginning with an executive planning meeting, a McGraw Hill Education team will meet with district curriculum leaders to plan and address specific instructional objectives. This meeting will help bring the right specialists to work with district teachers for implementation success.

By planning professional development opportunities and scheduling options together, McGraw Hill and the district administrative team can prepare impactful, useful, and sustainable training events for teachers and curriculum leaders.

Additionally, by planning as a single team, McGraw Hill PD team members can address the outlined goals and content defined by district leaders. Specific session agendas can be discussed and confirmed during the executive planning meeting as needed.

Additional Professional Development for Texas K–5 Literacy

Start Smart for Texas Wonders and Texas Maravillas

In the first unit of every grade, the Start Smart pages of your Teacher’s Edition provide an overview and explanation of the instructional lessons and routines.