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AP Core

What is AP Core?

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AP Core is the robust online teaching and learning platform that supports teachers and students throughout the AP course. AP Core extends class instruction by providing interactive and engaging pedagogy tied to the text, and features powerful reporting tools and customizable content to meet the needs of every student.

AP Core features innovative and adaptive learning technology, along with AP® resources to help students stay engaged with AP course content. Assignments aligned to the AP Curriculum ensure students are better prepared for AP exam success.

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SmartBook® Adaptive Reading Experience

McGraw-Hill AP programs are available with an AP SmartBook adaptive reading experience, designed to change the way students read and learn. Built on the proven LearnSmart engine, SmartBook creates a personalized reading program for each student.

As a student engages with SmartBook, the content continuously adapts, highlighting information requiring more student attention, and periodically encourages students to "recharge" their knowledge of important concepts to promote long-term retention. The adaptive learning technology of SmartBook helps create students who are:

  • More engaged with course content.
  • Better equipped to prioritize their time.
  • Effectively prepared and ready to participate in class.

Teachers can leverage LearnSmart's robust reporting tools, including metacognitive reports and most challenging learning objective reports, to identify areas in which students are struggling and provide targeted remediation to enhance learning.

AP Resources

Teach your Advanced Placement Program® with flexibility and fidelity to develop confident, critical thinkers. The AP Resources address the unique needs of AP classes like yours. AP Resources include:

  • AP Teacher Manual
  • AP Suggested Assignments
  • AP test banks, correlations, and course‐specific support materials and more!

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