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Rise for Math Bundle

5 Math Student Subscriptions

1 Teacher Subscription

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Rise for ELA Bundle

5 ELA Student Subscriptions

1 Teacher Subscription

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Rise for Math & ELA Bundle

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Learning in today's environment can be a challenge for teachers and students. Whether it's virtual, in a brick-and-mortar building, or a combination of the two, changes to the learning environment can impact each student's learning journey in different ways. Rise:

Identifies each student's learning gaps.
Creates a unique learning sequence and pace for each student.
Covers nearly 1,100 key grade 3–8 learning objectives for math and ELA.
Includes a Recharge feature for reinforcement of topics and mastery.
Allows for in-depth progress monitoring and real-time feedback on content mastery.
Aligns to NWEA's COVID-19 Slide research.
Provides free offline access through the ReadAnywhere® app.
Powered by Smartbook 2.0's adaptive learning engine.