High School Career & Technical Education Programs

Our CTE programs cater to students ranging from those looking to explore a variety of fields as well as those who already know they want to pursue an industry certification in a recognized career pathway. Whatever path they take after high school, McGraw Hill CTE programs equip high schoolers with the information they need to build meaningful careers one day.


Our high school Business Career and Technical Education (CTE) program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in business. The program includes a sequence of courses from exploratory to advanced in multiple subjects including marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting, and general business. The curriculum supports teachers in delivering pedagogically sound, engaging lessons that prepare students for post-secondary education or entry-level jobs in business-related fields.

Career Explorations is designed for middle school and young high school students. It blends occupation and industry content with case studies and real-world, application-based questions and activities to engage students from the first page.​

Careers and Basics of Business, Marketing, and Finance is the high school student’s guide to exploring and understanding how companies operate and the key occupations that lead organizations.

Entrepreneurship Fundamentals is the high school student’s guide to understanding how entrepreneurs identify opportunities, develop an idea, and bring it to market.

Marketing Fundamentals is the high school student’s guide to the dynamic world of marketing. Students will learn how to create marketing strategy, the role of the marketing mix, and the importance differentiation in the marketplace.

Modern Business Math breaks down fundamental math concepts and applies them to real-life personal and business decisions that students can apply immediately in their personal or entrepreneurial pursuits.

Essentials of Marketing looks at the best of marketing where marketing practices meet target customer needs. This practical, research-based program emphasizes a marketing strategy planning approach to the introductory marketing course. ​

Entrepreneurship has been designed to clearly instruct students on the process of formulating, planning, and implementing a new business venture in a logical manner. Comprehensive cases align chapter concepts to help reinforce key topics.​

Business Foundations guides students through the technology-saturated world of business today. It provides students with enough breathing room to explore topics while incorporating additional activities that enhance the content. ​

College Accounting offers first-time accounting students a path to understanding using real-world examples, a proven pedagogy, time-tested problem material, and a traditional, straightforward approach to the basics of accounting.​

Dynamic Business Law features a concise, student-focused approach, a cohesive theme throughout the text and cases, and an ethical decision-making framework that emphasizes critical thinking.

Health Science

Our high school Health Science Career and Technical Education (CTE) program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in high-demand healthcare fields. The program currently includes intermediate and advanced courses in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and athletic training. Our newest title, Essentials of Medical Language ©2024, features an audible glossary as well as industry-relevant soft-skill exercises and practice questions.

Essentials of Medical Language is designed to help students master the complex language of modern health care. Students experience the terminology in the same differentiated diagnosis method a physician uses in an examination.

Hole’s Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology introduces a new author, Dr. Charles Welsh, who brings over 30 years of classroom experience and a fresh perspective to this well-respected text.

A market leader for over 40 years, Hole’s Human Anatomy & Physiology delivers a comprehensive, in-depth exploration of the human body while emphasizing the fundamentals for students with little-to-no prior science knowledge.

The Role of the Athletic Trainer in Sports Medicine, is a program that introduces the high school student to the world of athletic training.

Individual CTE Programs

Not looking for a full course sequence? Explore our individual Career Technical Education (CTE) courses to bring high-demand subjects into your classroom.

Introduction to Criminal Justice is the ideal text for students interested in learning about our criminal justice system. This comprehensive program empowers students to think critically about this social institution as it progresses through a detailed analysis of its major components: law enforcement, the administration of justice, and corrections. ​

Focus on Personal Financial Literacy empowers students with the knowledge they need to prepare for the future and achieve financial security, covering essential topics like credit, housing, legal protections, retirement and estate planning, taxes, college loans, health care, and investments.

Foundations of Early Childhood Education is designed to help improve the quality of early childhood care and education programs, including examples, anecdotes, and scenarios to strengthen student understanding. ​​