Student Testimonials

Vanessa Gets Hooked on Connect

Vanessa Wismeier, a senior at Loras College, shares why Connect was one of the most important investments she made toward her success at Loras College. Discover how Connect helped Vanessa achieve the results she wanted in her courses.

"Over the past few years, Connect was one of the most important investments I made at college."

– Vanessa, student, Connect user

Angela Thought She'd Never Make It in College—Now She's On the Honor List

Through strength of will—and a little help from adaptive technology—this amazing young woman overcame enormous challenges and crushing self-doubt to become a straight-A student. Listen in as she talks about how SmartBook (the adaptive reading experience within Connect) helped guide her study sessions and put her on a personalized path toward learning.

"Connect helps me actually learn the material . . . because once you're at home in your own environment you can actually learn at your own pace."

– Maria, student, Connect user

Students Say Connect Motivates Them to Learn

Students at Houston Community College discuss how Connect helps make studying easier and more efficient, as well as motivating them to understand and retain the information they need.

"The report features really help me understand my strengths and weaknesses as a student. There's a whole confidence thing . . . Being able to know what I'm good at and what I'm not good at gives me sense of ownership over my education."

– Jennah, student, Connect user

Using Connect Leads to Real Learning—Not Just Short-Term Memorization

Listen to these students appreciate how Connect prompted them to demonstrate mastery of the material—and prove they understood key concepts in a variety of ways. Rather than rote memorization and regurgitation, they truly learned the subject matter.

"What I appreciate most about the features is that they help you study efficiently. When you're taking five different classes . . . there's so little time to study. I wish I had more classes with LearnSmart this semester. The time management feature there is just huge."

– Patrick, student, Connect user

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Educator Testimonials

With Connect, Class Time is Focused on More Valuable Teaching Techniques

An instructor who uses Connect in her course discusses how this technology has revolutionized her classroom and encouraged her students to take responsibility for their own learning.

"They're ready for this. Students are hungry for information, but they want it delivered to them in a different format."

– Michael Windelspecht, Adjunct Professor at Appalachian State University, Connect user

Students Motivated by Connect with Melanie Waters

Melanie Waters explains how Connect helped motivate a beginner student to continue progressing through foreign language courses.

"I see a very different future for our students with adaptive. The ability to interact with students on an individual level, the ability to change as they change and they evolve as students … makes us better—more effective."

– Jason Overby, Associate Professor at College of Charleston, Connect user

With Connect, Students Who Typically Face Trouble Absorbing Feedback Actually Get Guidance That’s Effective

Listen in as this instructor describes a transformative teaching event that occurred because her students were using Connect. The peer-review feature within Connect offered a way for students to share frank feedback and prompted a “eureka” moment for one particular student, prompting deep insight.

"For those students at risk, I can now intervene."

– Jennifer Cochrane, Senior Lecturer at IUPUI

Students Who Have Unique Needs Can Learn at Their Own Pace with Connect

Features within Connect make it easy for students who don't "get it" at the lecture go back and learn concepts at their own pace. One educator relays a story about a student who did just that to pass his class.

"My students are asking more intelligent questions. They're not coming into my office and saying 'I don’t get it.'"

– Michael Windelspecht, Adjunct Professor at Appalachian State University

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