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Learn more about our initiatives, including:

  • Our commitment to a minimum of 50% of licensed readings in each product being written by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) authors

  • The cultural sensitivity review process for all Composition products

  • Inclusive Content style guidelines

  • Professional development trainings for instructors to better understand anti-racist pedagogy

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Hear From Your Peers: Digital Faculty Consultants

Alisa is currently a full-time English professor at Glendale Community College, where she teaches hybrid and online freshman composition, literature, and journalism courses. Alisa recently finished a 4-year term as the Faculty Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Engagement from Fall 2014 to Spring 2018 where she collaborated, coordinated, and strategized with the Instructional Designer, CTLE staff, eCourses faculty lead, Faculty Developers and served as the liaison with academic departments and other divisions/areas across the college. Following that appointment, Alisa embarked on a year-long sabbatical to learn more about “Supporting Data-Driven Decision Making With Educational Data Analytics Technologies.”

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Alisa Cooper